Academic Research

Current Projects

– Should Congested Cities Reduce their Speed Limits? Evidence from São Paulo, Brazil Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Public Economics (pdf)
with Peter Christensen and Amanda Ang

– Travel behavior effects of fare-free public transit for seniors in Brazilian cities (pdf)

– A Weighted Travel Time Index Based on Data From Uber Movement (pdf)
with Eduardo Haddad

– Teacher Quality, Labor Market Mobility and Human Capital Accumulation
with Joana Silva et al.

– Expansion of transit free-fare to the elderly in São Paulo
with Rafael H. M. Pereira

– Does camera-based speed enforcement affect accident risk: Evidence from São Paulo
with Gabriel Kreidler and Peter Christensen

Published Papers

– Affirmative Action Policy in Brazilian Universities: Effects on the Enrollment of Targeted Groups Economics of Education Review, 2019 (doi)
with Mary Arends-Kuenning

– A Socioeconomic Analysis of Ride-Hailing Emergence and Expansion in São Paulo, Brazil Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 2019 (doi)
with Eduardo Haddad et al.

– Mobility in Cities: Distributional Impact Analysis of Transportation Improvements in São Paulo Metropolitan Region. Transport Policy, 2018. (doi)
with Eduardo Haddad et al.

– The underground economy: Tracking the higher-order economic impacts of the São Paulo Subway System. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 2015. (doi)
with Eduardo Haddad et al.

– Mobilidade, Acessibilidade e Produtividade: Nota Sobre a Valoração Econômica do Tempo de Viagem na Região Metropolitana De São Paulo. Revista de Economia Contemporânea, 2015. (doi)
with Eduardo Haddad

Book Chapters

– An Accessibility Index for the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo. The Rise of the City: Spatial Dynamics in the Urban Century. 2015. (doi)
with Eduardo Haddad